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Herbal formulas are an essential part of Chinese medicine. Like all aspects of Eastern medicine, herbal formulas are not one size fits all. For example, 2 patients may both be experiencing PMS, but one will present with headaches while the other’s main complaint is cramping.  Each person will be prescribed a unique, custom formula that will most effectively treat the root of the problem and the symptoms.

Plants and minerals have been used by cultures around the world to treat a variety of health issues.  In fact, most of the prescription drugs we take today are based on isolated properties found in herbs and minerals.  When properties are isolated it makes the effect stronger and more mediate, but it also results in side-effects. 

In Chinese medicine, side-effects are simply not acceptable.  Herbs are kept in their whole form and custom blended to meet your specific health concerns.  This eliminates any negative side-effects.  Unlike Western pharmaceuticals which just mask symptoms, herbal formulas treat the underlying imbalance.  And while Western medicine is happy to keep you on prescription drugs indefinitely, the goal of herbal medicine is to correct the imbalance and wean you off them as soon as possible.  Most people who take herbs will do a 2 month course of treatment.

Herbs support the healing process between office visits and can impact the body in a way that acupuncture alone cannot.  Some health conditions will require herbal therapy, while other conditions will respond to acupuncture alone.  For example, weight loss, menopause, and acne respond best to a combination of acupuncture and herbs, while most muscular pain responds well to acupuncture alone.

The herbs I use are of the highest quality and reasonably priced.


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